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For the love of pony vectors
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Melody Breeze Bullet Pony by frosty-pixelsPortal Shot Bullet Pony by frosty-pixelsCrescent Bloom Bullet Pony by frosty-pixels
Just your average Artist doing what I love
Melody Couples Icons by RenaTurnip
Since 12/14/11

Melody Breeze Bullet Pony by frosty-pixels I'm shy and introverted. I don't speak very much.
Melody Breeze Bullet Pony by frosty-pixels I'm obsessed with MLP, LOZ, and the color blue.
Melody Breeze Bullet Pony by frosty-pixels I can't stand rude people or people who have no common sense.
Melody Breeze Bullet Pony by frosty-pixels I'm not very good at answering my messages unless it's important. Due to shyness Q_Q;I read every single one though and appreciate them all!

My OCs


However, feel free to draw them if you wish. As long as you credit me you're ok.

No one has, or has ever gotten permission to use my ocs as their own. If someone tells you this then they are lying.


Art status

Closed Comms by EnjoumouPAYPAL Accept by EnjoumouNo PComms by Enjoumou
No Requests by EnjoumouNo Trades by EnjoumouPoints are pointless by prosaix

I'll get getting my current ATS done but I will not be taking anymore art trades.
Pleaseee Do not ask.

Commissions usually are done in order as listed below. Unpaid commissions go to the bottom of the list until paid.

:bulletgreen: Started| :bulletred: Not started| :bulletblue: Paid| :bulletpurple: Unpaid

Lastoftheknights #2 :bulletred::bulletblue:

If I've forgotten anyone please let me know!


Art Status

If you have any questions please read before commenting or noting me. If your question isn't answered below then you may message me.

:bulletblue: Question
:bulletblack: Answer

:bulletblue: May I use Melody Breeze or any of your ocs for roleplay (RP) or on my personal profile/website?
:bulletblack: Absolutely NOT. My ocs are for my personal use ONLY. You CANNOT use them for your own personal gain. Anyone seen using them outside of my DeviantArt or personal profiles are thieves. NO ONE HAS PERMISSION OR HAS EVER GOTTEN PERMISSION.

:bulletblue:What do you use to Draw?
:bulletblack: I use Sai to sketch/color. I use Adobe Illustrator to do linearts and vectors.

:bulletblue: Do you livestream?
:bulletblack: Rarely. My computer has a hard time working with procaster and my internet likes to go on and off constantly. I do it whenever I'm able.

:bulletblue: Do you have any information about your commissions?
:bulletblack: My information is here Any information is on the price list and the FAQ in the description.

:bulletblue: Do you take Plush commissions?
:bulletblack: Yes, I do. General Prices are here

:bulletblue: Do you take request/Can you draw my oc/Draw me a gift?
:bulletblack: I will never do request. I will never draw your oc for Free.
Asking for gifts is the same thing as asking for a request. I only do gifts for close friends. Messages like this will be ignored.

:bulletblue: Do you take art trades?
:bulletblack: Not as of now. I'm probably the worst person to trade with since they aren't a priority.

:bulletblue: Can we be friends?
:bulletblue: I believe friendships are made over time not by asking. So to answer that simply, no.


Please do not leave spam, chain mail, self advertisements, ect. on my profile.

No need to thank me for faves/Watches/etc. You're very welcome!

If you're messaging me about art theft or theft of my ocs NOTE ME. Do not comment below.


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Rotorix Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Really lovely art!
ShellStreamDoodles Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I reallly love your chibi Melody Breeze and Freestyle icons Centchi made you :D they're too adorable!
newchicathechicken Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New member Hobbyist Artist
I really wanted this to be my pony because it is like me so much with the headphones and others :(
XNightMelody Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Welp, they're my ocs :shrug: Cant have them just because they 'relate' to you.
newchicathechicken Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member Hobbyist Artist
I know but I did not know it was yours
MLPBlondeBlueEyes Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New member
Sorry that must have come off wrong I don't want your ocs (yes I do like them) I was asking for the price of a requested Artwork to go with my fimfiction story.
XNightMelody Featured By Owner 5 days ago
That's not what I replied to you lol that's to another person.

I only give quotes via note.
(1 Reply)
MLPBlondeBlueEyes Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015  New member
I'm not sure but I think you asked for requests in the comments if I'm wrong I do apologize. Anyway I respect that you don't do gifts so how much do you think a coverart of Rainbow Dash laying on a cloud at night kissing a gold fur red mane pegasus mare with a firework going off in the sky would cost me? It's for a fanfic of mine. I apologize I know I'm just some random but I saw how awesome your work for the fanfic "Igniting the Flame of a Rainbow" was of Soarin and Rainbow Das was I just had to see if you could help me. You are very gifted though I am a story critic not art so I guess that's irrelevent. Anyway I do hope you reply I don't mind paying a fair amount for great work.
XNightMelody Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015
You might want to read under my art status. 
ShellStreamDoodles Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2015
I'm really liking how :iconzis-zas: plushified your Freestyle! He did a great job, huh? :)
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